Legal Transcription

Preserve The Record

The same professionalism, experience, and accuracy exhibited by our court reporting services is carried over to our transcription services. Asheville Reporting’s transcription provides you with a higher degree of accuracy, both in content and format, to ensure precision and admissibility as a legal document.

The documents we produce can be used in the courtroom setting with confidence. Our longstanding commitment to quality and presence in the legal community ensures that your legal transcription is backed with the credentials to uphold your document.

Asheville Reporting’s experienced staff has been providing verbatim transcription services for over 30 years. Our long list of clients includes the federal and state courts and government agencies, legal professionals, district attorneys, police departments, colleges and universities, and the private sector.

Verbatim transcription means word-for-word.  Asheville Reporting’s experienced staff uses state-of-the-art recording technology to transcribe every word. We will do the research necessary to find the information needed to provide you with the proper format and accuracy you require. Particular attention is given to specific formats, spellings of proper names and technical terminology.

Secure File Transfer Technology

Take advantage of Asheville Reporting’s secure file transfer capabilities.  Upload your digital recording files quickly, efficiently, and free of charge. This means of delivery virtually eliminates costly postage and time delays. Simply upload your recordings and our staff of experienced transcribers are standing by to download and transcribe your recordings.

  • Audio Cassettes
  • Digital Files
  • Video Tapes
  • Teleconference (phone feeds)
  • Phone Messages
  • CDs, DVDs, Mini-DVDs
  • MP3s
  • Law Enforcement Recordings and Reports
  • Private Party Transcription
  • Business Transcription
  • Any Other Digital and Analog Formats
  • 24 to 48 Hour Turnaround Available
  • Certified Originals for Legal Proceedings